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**NOTE: If you opt to pay with Interac e-Transfer during checkout, you will receive the necessary email with details regarding the Interac email, security question, and answer in your order confirmation email.

**NOTE 2: It is crucial that you carefully follow the instructions provided and pay close attention to the nickname you assign to us in your phone. The nickname you set will be visible to us, and it is essential to use the provided name exactly as stated in your email order confirmation. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation ❤️

The information below has been directly sourced from Interac.ca:

To send money using Interac e-Transfer, both you and the recipient must have the following:

To initiate the transfer, please follow these user-friendly instructions on your online or mobile banking app:

  1. Log into your banking app and select the relevant account.
  2. Choose the recipient’s email or mobile number, either by selecting from existing contacts or adding it manually.
  3. Enter the transfer amount and create a security question.