Canadian Classic Silver Cigarettes

  • Guaranteed uplifting and relaxing effects
  • Sourced from 100% natural tobacco
  • Nicotine content is ideal for general users
  • Potential health benefits with proper use
  • Native Cigarettes
  • Canadian Classic Silver Cigarettes contains 20 king-size cigarettes<br>

Discover the excellence of Canadian Classic Silver Cigarettes, where tradition meets quality. Crafted for those who savor a deeply satisfying flavor, these cigarettes offer a rich and robust taste. The superior tobacco blend in each cigarette ensures a balanced and full-flavored experience.

Each package includes 20 king-size cigarettes, designed for an optimal burning experience and consistent draw. The classic blue and white packaging signifies elegance and our dedication to high standards.

Canadian Classics Originals provide a reliable and pleasurable smoking experience. The select tobacco blend guarantees a smooth burn, enhancing the taste and aroma. Perfect for smokers who value refinement and a truly gratifying smoking journey.


1 - 24$35.00
25 +$30.00

Additional information

Weight 0.7 lbs

1 – 25 Cartons, 25 – 50 Cartons

Canadian Classic Silvers: FAQ

1. What are Canadian Classic Silvers?

Canadian Classic Silvers are a brand of cigarettes known for their unique blend and quality. They are manufactured in Canada and are popular among smokers who prefer a smoother and lighter smoking experience.

2. Why should I choose Canadian Classic Silvers over other brands?

Canadian Classic Silvers offer a distinct balance of flavor and smoothness. They are designed for smokers who prefer a milder taste without compromising on the quality of the tobacco. Their unique blend is crafted to provide a satisfying experience for both occasional and regular smokers.

3. Are Canadian Classic Silvers more affordable than other cigarette brands?

Price-wise, Canadian Classic Silvers are competitively priced. While they may not be the cheapest option on the market, they offer good value for money considering their quality and the smoking experience they provide.

4. What makes the flavor of Canadian Classic Silvers unique?

The blend used in Canadian Classic Silvers includes high-quality tobacco leaves, which are carefully selected and processed to ensure a smooth, mild flavor. This makes them stand out from stronger, more robust cigarette brands.

5. Are Canadian Classic Silvers a good choice for occasional smokers?

Yes, their milder flavor profile makes them an excellent choice for occasional smokers who might find stronger cigarettes too harsh. They offer a pleasant smoking experience without overwhelming the palate.

6. Is the packaging of Canadian Classic Silvers user-friendly?

Yes, Canadian Classic Silvers come in a well-designed pack that is both sturdy and easy to carry. The packaging reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and convenience.

7. Can I find Canadian Classic Silvers easily?

Canadian Classic Silvers are widely available in Canada and can be found in most convenience stores, supermarkets, and specialized tobacco shops.

8. Are there any environmental initiatives associated with Canadian Classic Silvers?

The brand is conscious of its environmental impact and often engages in initiatives to minimize its carbon footprint, including using recyclable materials in its packaging.

9. Do Canadian Classic Silvers come in different varieties?

Yes, Canadian Classic Silvers come in different varieties to cater to various preferences, including options with different nicotine and tar levels.

10. How does the brand ensure the quality of Canadian Classic Silvers?

The brand adheres to strict quality control standards in the manufacturing process, ensuring that each pack of Canadian Classic Silvers maintains a consistent level of quality and flavor.

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