Chron Centrates Diamond Terp Cartridge – 1g THC

Chron Centrates Diamond Terp THC Cartridge is a cutting-edge cannabis concentrate that combines the purest THC with a symphony of terpenes, delivering a truly elevated experience. Crafted through state-of-the-art extraction techniques, each cartridge contains a crystalline essence that captures the essence of premium cannabis strains.

The Diamond Terp cartridge offers a smooth and potent vapor, allowing users to indulge in the rich flavors and effects of their favorite strains


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Blue Dream – Sativa -, Bubba Kush – Indica -, Bubble Gum – Indica -, Cake PoP – Indica -, Florida OG – Indica -, Grape Smuggler – Hybrid -, House Of Diamonds – Indica -, Pink Pather – Sativa -, Quadzilla – Hybrid -, Rainmaker – Sativa -, Runtz – Hybrid -, Skywalker – Indcia -, Sour Apple – Hybrid -, Thin Mint – Hybrid -, Vanilla Gorilla – Hybrid -, Wild Cherry – Sativa –

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