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Copenhagen Wintergreen Long Cut

Long-cut moist smokeless tobacco with wintergreen flavor from Copenhagen Tobacco. This is a loose cut product that is made of moist tobacco cut into loose strands.

Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen Review

  • Cut Type / Format: Long Cut Loose Tobacco
  • Tobacco Blend / Flavor: Wintergreen
  • Copenhagen Nicotine Content: Standard
  • Comes in a Copenhagen Tobacco Can
  • Manufacturer: US Smokeless


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1 Pack, 1 Pack, 15 Pounches, 5 Pack

FAQ: Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco

1. What is Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen Chewing Tobacco?

Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen is a type of smokeless, moist chewing tobacco known for its distinctive wintergreen flavor and long-cut tobacco leaves.

2. Why is Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen popular?

Its popularity stems from the refreshing wintergreen flavor, which provides a crisp and invigorating taste, combined with the quality and tradition associated with the Copenhagen brand.

3. Is this product suitable for new users?

While Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen is favored by many, its strong flavor and nicotine content can be intense for new users. Beginners are advised to start with smaller amounts.

4. How do I use this chewing tobacco?

Place a small pinch of tobacco between your lip and gum. The nicotine is absorbed through your gums. Spit out the tobacco juice that accumulates, as swallowing it can cause nausea.

5. What is the nicotine content in Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen?

Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen has a significant level of nicotine, providing a robust experience for seasoned users. The exact content can be found on the product packaging.

6. How should this chewing tobacco be stored?

Keep it in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness. Once opened, it’s best used within a few days. Some users store it in a refrigerator to prolong freshness.

7. Can I purchase this product online?

Yes, Copenhagen Long Cut Wintergreen can often be purchased online, but be aware of age restrictions and legal requirements for tobacco sales in your area.

8. Are there health risks associated with this product?

Yes, as with all tobacco products, there are significant health risks, including an increased risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and mouth cancer.

9. Does Copenhagen offer other products?

Copenhagen offers a range of smokeless tobacco products, including different flavors and cuts to cater to a variety of preferences.