Putters Light

  • Proudly Canadian-made cigarette
  • Guaranteed uplifting and relaxing effects
  • Sourced from 100% natural and high-quality tobacco
  • Nice flavour and light smoke
  • Nicotine content is ideal for general users
  • Potential health benefits with proper use
  • Looks classy and original
  • Native Cigarettes


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1 – 25 Cartons, 25 – 50 Cartons

About Putter’s Light Cigarettes

Putter’s Light Cigarettes appeal to smokers who value a smooth, delicate flavor without sacrificing quality. These premium light cigarettes have become a popular choice among people looking for a less intense smoking experience.

Putter’s Light Cigarettes are known for their smooth, delicate flavor, which appeals to smokers seeking a gentler smoking experience. Each cigarette contains a carefully balanced combination of high-quality tobaccos, resulting in a smooth and comfortable smoking with a refined flavor profile.

Outstanding Taste and Consistency

Putter’s Light Cigarettes’ outstanding taste and consistency are due to the use of the best tobacco leaves available. These excellent components, sourced from famous tobacco-growing countries, guarantee that each Putter’s Light Cigarette provides a smooth, delightful smoking experience every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many smokes are in a pack of Putter’s Light Cigarettes?

Each pack of Putter’s Light Cigarettes has 20 high-quality cigarettes, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy their smooth, delicate flavor.

What is the nicotine concentration of Putter’s Light Cigarettes?

Putter’s Light Cigarettes contain 0.5 mg of nicotine, providing a lighter smoking experience while maintaining flavor.

Are there any additional variations of Putter’s Cigarettes?

Yes, Putter’s has a variety of cigarette flavors to suit diverse tastes, including Full Flavor and Menthol alternatives.

Can I buy Putter’s Cigarettes online?

Absolutely! Putter’s Cigarettes are available at the best and cheapest prices at CCW.  Enjoy the best prices on native smokes online in Canada, here!

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Native Smokes

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