What Are The Cheapest Native Cigarettes in Canada?

Native Smokes

Canada is home to a wide variety of native cigarette brands that offer both quality and affordability. For smokers seeking budget-friendly options without compromising on taste, these brands provide a great solution. In this article, we’ll explore five of the cheapest native cigarette brands in Canada, examining their quality, pricing, and where to buy them.

Whether you’re looking for a smooth, classic cigarette or something with a bit more flavor, these brands have something to offer. We’ll also discuss the availability of quick delivery options to ensure you can get your favorite cigarettes conveniently. Let’s dive in and discover what makes these brands stand out.

What are the cheapest cigarettes in Canada?

BrandCarton PriceBulk PricePopularity
BB Smokes$35$30Moderately High
Canadian Classics$35$30High
Native Cigarettes$35$30High

How to find the best smokes?

Quality and Pricing

The following brands are known for their high quality and affordable pricing. They have garnered positive reviews from smokers who appreciate the balance between cost and satisfaction. Here are the top five cheapest native cigarette brands in Canada:

BB Cigarettes

Price: BB Cigarettes are known for their affordability, making them a popular choice among smokers looking for quality without breaking the bank. Prices vary depending on the location and retailer.

BB Cigarette Reviews: Smokers appreciate BB Cigarettes for their smooth taste and consistent quality. Reviews highlight the satisfying experience and value for money.

Where to buy BB Cigarettes in Canada?

  • Find BB Cigarettes Near Me at CCW – We stock a variety of types of native smokes.
  • Types of BB Smokes – Lights?  Regulars?  Full flavor?  We have all the BB Smokes you need to get through this week!
  • Buy where cartons of smokes at the best prices everyday- Buy cartons of cigarettes cheaper than anywhere else online in Canada at CCW!

Putters Cigarettes

Price: Putters Cigarettes are priced competitively, offering a robust flavor at an affordable cost. Prices can differ based on the retailer and region.

Putters Cigarette Reviews: Known for their rich flavor, Putters Cigarettes receive positive reviews for their exceptional quality and enjoyable smoking experience.

Where to buy Putters Cigarettes?

Buy Putters cigarettes online in Canada right here at CCW.  We offer quick delivery on all native smoke brands – and of course the cheapest cartons of cigarettes you will find in Canada.

Are Putter Cigarettes Good?

Putters cigarettes are one of the most well known native cigarette brands across Canada.   As per customer reviews from real purchasers, the Putters smoke brand tends to rank higher on the quality scale and lower on the price, which is always a win.

Canadian Classics Cigarettes

Price: Canadian Classics Cigarettes are an economical choice for smokers who prefer a smooth, classic taste. Pricing varies by store and location.

Canadian Classics Cigarette Reviews: Praised for their consistent quality, Canadian Classics Cigarettes are a favorite among smokers for their smooth taste and reliable experience.

Where to buy Canadian Classics Cigarettes

  • Buy Canadian Classics Cigarettes online in Canada with CCW.  We have fresh reserve cigarettes rolled and sent discreetly to your place.
  • Enjoy a variety of Canadian Classics from Menthols, through lights.

Native Cigarettes

Price: Native Smokes are affordable and known for their traditional craftsmanship. Prices are competitive, making them a great budget option.  Especially with the savings when you buy bulk cigarettes.

Native Smokes Reviews: Smokers appreciate Native Smokes for their rich flavor and smooth draw. Reviews highlight the traditional methods used in their production.

Where to buy Native Cigarettes

  • Native Cigarettes are the cheapest in Canada with CCW.  We offer bulk pricing on orders of all sizes.  Enjoy the best prices on cartons of smokes every day.  

Dumont Cigarettes

Price: Dumont Cigarettes are known for their affordability and quality. Prices are low, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious smokers.

Dumont Cigarette Reviews: Reviews for Dumont Cigarettes highlight their smooth taste and good value for money. Smokers appreciate the quality at a low price.

Where to buy Dumont Cigarettes

  • Buy Dumont Cigarettes online in Canada at the cheapest prices.  Save on cartons of cigarettes when you order any amount, enjoy discount smokes everyday in Canada.

What are the BEST native cigarettes in Canada

After lots of testing, our team of tobacco connoisseur’s have put together a list of Canada’s best native cigarettes.  This is the lowest price tier and the biggest discount smokes we carry. 

1Native CigarettesFulls, LightNative Smokes are highly popular for their strong flavor and affordability, making them a top choice among smokers in Canada.
2Canadian ClassicsOriginals, Reds, Light, Silver, MentholCanadian Classics are known for their consistent quality and widespread availability, securing them a high rank.
3BB SmokesFull Flavor, LightBB Smokes are moderately popular due to their smooth taste and competitive pricing.
4DumontRegular, SmoothDumont cigarettes are moderately popular, appreciated for their smooth smoking experience.
5NexxNexx Lights, Nexx FullsNexx cigarettes offer a decent smoking experience with a focus on menthol options, placing them in the middle of the list.
6PuttersFull Flavor, LightPutters are moderately low in popularity, known for their mild flavor and affordability.
7PlayfairsRegular, SmoothPlayfairs rank lower due to their limited variations and lower popularity among smokers.

Smokes Near Me

When you’re looking to buy native smokes near me, we are your best choice for cheap cigarettes Canada.

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